Thursday, September 13, 2012

What became of the hexies?!

This post took a lil longer than I wanted. Oops. We went up north for the week for my daughter's birthday, and well, I discovered that while I have lots of ideas, sew lots of things, and know what I want to blog about..the part that holds me back is uploading and working with the actual photos. *ahem* I'm terrible!!

Anyway....remember these little lovelies?

Well, I turned them into these...

A matching set!

I made these cute matching bags for my daughter and her BFF. Their birthdays are only a couple days apart, and right at the end of summer/beginning of the school year. They're nearly inseparable all summer, but once school starts, they spend more time apart as they live in different cities. Knowing how close they are, and how tough it is to make the summer/school year transition, I thought a matching set of bags might help a bit. Ease the pain of separation so to speak.

They're typical teenage girls, so a make-up bag was the natural choice. I lined them with oilcloth, and did french seams so that any spills wouldn't completely ruin anything. After doing the first bag, I began to regret the french seams idea...but I did the 'good mommy' thing, and still made the second bag just like the first. lol The oilcloth lining made for some very thick and uncooperative french seams. It looked nice, but nope, won't be doing that again. Lesson learned.

My daughter knew I was making the bag for her friend, but didn't know I was making her one. (I'm sneaky...wanted to know she'd like the colors and fabrics so asked what she thought of them, then made hers when I got the ok...she asked me to make her one!! lol) So, after I finished them, I made these quick little tags with their first initial so she would know one was for her too. :)

They were the perfect gifts for these two. They loved em, were all smiles and I know they'll get a lot of use out of them...well, least my make-up freak will. *smile*

So, not too bad for my first batch of hexies!

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