Sunday, August 26, 2012

Finally! Some Hexie love for me

I have been admiring all the hexie projects that are everywhere for the last year or so that they've been the all the rage in the crafting world. Admiring from afar.

I am not a person who does fiddly, involved or time consuming hand-sewn projects well. I will either find a way to do it by machine or will suffer without. The repetitiveness kills my interest-meter and attention span, and my hand-stitching sucks leaves a lot to be desired. Any time I've taken an on-the-go sewing project with me in a car or wherever, it's not too long before I'm picking up my phone and surfing the net or playing games instead of getting anything accomplished. The extent of my hand-sewing is closing up any seams I've left open for turning with the invisible stitch!! *snicker* yoyo's, or beautiful hand-stitched quilts, or embroidery, beading, etc for this gal, no sirree...and thus far hexie's have been on that list.

I took one look at the EPP method of making them, and then at how many would be needed for most projects and instantly added them to my 'never-do' list...with a frown and a bit of a sniffle. Unlike most of the other things on that list, I actually really wanted to do some of the hexagon things I've seen.

I know many people find handwork calming and relaxing...I wish I were one of them. I find it repetitive and mundane, and I just don't have the patience for that kinda thing. I often zone out which leads to mistakes that I then have to take out and start over/give up...whichever. *sigh* Let's just say my half-done on-the-go project pile is kinda large and falling over on my WIP pile.

BUT!!! Oh yes, there's a but...and even a then...I'm sure another but somewhere along the line.

Last week I found a link thru pinterest for sewing hexies by machine!!! (And now I've remembered to go and PinIt so I can find it later when I forget where I saw it...see, blogging is saving my sanity already.)

Jacquie from Tallgrass Prairie Studio has an awesome tutorial for machine piecing hexagons (without marking!) here for anyone interested. ;) Woohoo!!! I was saved...and have already started adding hexie projects to my list.

Image via Tallgrass Prairie Studio


Yesterday Mr. Man and I had to take a trip to Madison, a 2hr+ drive for us, so I was frantically searching for a project that I could take with me in the car. (I really must stop waiting til the last minute.) I was initially looking for a knitting project. Those don't involve sharp needles that I stab my fingers with when I start to zone out. ahem.

 My search quickly veered off course (as it often does) and I ran across this article. How to hand-sew hexies...without the paper/basting/EPP craziness. *gasp* I know!!

Yes yes, I know. This is still hand-sewing... I hear you all snickering.

BUT. (told you)
     A) it doesn't require first basting & then sewing them together (who came up with that plan anyway?!?)
     B) it doesn't involve whip-stitching. I never like my whip-stitches, they're messy
     C) you can't see the stitches anyway. Score!!

I figured I'd give it a whirl and quickly got a small batch of them ready to take with me on our road trip.

I am happy to report, that I actually sewed together 19 hexies. And. They turned out beautifully. Aren't they gorgeous?! The method is actually very quick. I can now do hexies all over the place! Tho, I will try to keep myself under control. *grin*

I hope the links help some of you who may also have an aversion to the EPP hexies...for whatever reason. You can join in on the hexie love too! :)

I saw these floating around Pinterest & now I could make one for myself.

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