Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Newbee Quilters

To say that I got more of a response to my last post than I was expecting, well, that's an understatement. Thank you to everyone.... those that posted comments, those that emailed or PM'd me and everyone that spoke up in the forums over at Threadbias. It really made me feel like I had a good idea after all. :)

Based on everything I heard, I went ahead and started a bee group on Threadbias a few days ago. In just those few days, we already have 20+ members!!

This will be a bee that is geared at 'Newbees'. Either those new to sewing/quilting, or those new to bees and swaps. It'll be a great place to gain some knowledge...and some confidence. :)

I learned that a great many people are often looking for a bee, but are either too worried to actually join one (that 'complex' rears its' ugly head!) or they don't make the sign up list in time. Because of this, I've decided to leave it an open ended group....meaning anyone can join the group at any time. Anyone who joins will be placed on an on-going waiting list of sorts. When that list reaches 12 people, I will form a new hive for them.

We will be starting our first 2 hives come January (we're waiting to start til after the holidays by popular request). Everyone is very excited and looking forward to the coming year.

To get more info or if you'd like to join the Newbee Quilters, feel free to stop by! (For those that may not be particularly interested in a beginner's bee, another bee group has also been started and I'm sure that one will continue to grow as well.) It is sure to be fun, and a good way to get involved with other fabric lovers.

You would have to join the Threadbias site, but it's free and it truly is a fabulous, friendly community! I've already made many new 'friends' in the month I've been hanging out there. Sign up, you won't regret it!

If you have any questions, or would like more info, feel free leave me a comment or send me an email.

For those that would like a button for their blog, here you go! :)

Newbee Quilters {All Patched Up}


  1. Hello fellow slow quilter ..
    strandkorbtraum here (that unpronouncable name) anyway thanks for making the button, and it's showing nicely on my blog ..

    1. Hello Leo! (indeed easier to say than Strandkorbtraum heh!)

      Glad the button is working properly! I had some initial issues with it, so, happy for the confirmation. :)