Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A UFO Group

So, now that I've been actively working on my WIP/UFO list, I've had to face the reality of how bad it's gotten. lol This has been made a little bit easier since I've joined a great group over on Threadbias...a group devoted solely to finishing up UFO's!! :D

At the beginning of each 'term' (which lasts 3 months), we list out our UFO's and put up photos and such that we want to finish up. At the end of that term, if you've finished any of them, everyone in the group will send you a FQ as a reward *Yay!* and you of course will send out a FQ to each of the others in your group that have a 'finish' as well. If you finish up two things, you'll get 2 FQ's from each person!! The extra encouragement and just being cheered on by these ladies is more than enough motivation, but the little reward is there to just brighten your day. :)

Pfft...more than enough of a kick in the pants for me to jump onboard and join this party!!

I think it's a fabulous idea and getting a lovely FQ in the mail for doing something I should already have done is just the motivation I need!!! I hope. Well...that and the fact that if I clear some of these off my list, I get to add fun new stuff to it!! *snicker* Yep, I'm hopeless!

Here's a mosaic of the projects I've added to my list this term.

UFOterm1 Collage

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