Thursday, September 27, 2012

Threadbias Pincushion Swap

PCS2012 original fabric pull

I signed up to do a Pincushion Swap on Threadbias a few weeks ago. The only requirement for this swap is that we use the Threadbias colors of Green, Blue and Orange. Got that covered....check!! We can use any combination of those that we choose.

The first photo up there was my original fabric pull. I quickly narrowed it down a bit as some of the fabrics just didn't fit well. Here's what I ended up with.

PCS2012 revised pull

I know what pincushion I'm making (Shhh...can't tell yet!). As soon as I signed up, I knew what I wanted to do, but also had some backup ideas in case I discovered my partner wouldn't like it. From what I've heard from her tho, I think it's a go so full speed ahead!

I know I won't include all of these fabrics in the actual pincushion...I'm thinking these will be the main fabrics for that part. But that may change too....I know, I'm indecisive right now! lol I won't likely decide til I actually start sewing...that's just the way I roll folks!

PCS2012 possible main fabrics

I will be including the other fabrics, along with some more scraps I'm sure, in a little goodie I'm going to make as well. I've had an idea for an extra lil something stuck in my head since I decided which pincushion to go with, and since it doesn't seem to want to leave my mind, I figured I'd just go for it. :)

Short little post this time. Stay tuned for some teaser posts tho!

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