Friday, November 22, 2013

Churn Dash variation tutorial

Hey peeps!!

So, I'm back with a tutorial for you! :)

This is a variation on the Churn Dash quilt block. I love the look of it, just a bit different from the typical block, but still most definitely a Churn Dash. This tutorial will give you a 12.5" (unfinished) block. So...let's get to it!

Churn Dash variation block

For this block you will need 3 different fabrics: a light, a medium and a dark. (You can obviously use whichever fabrics you like, but you definitely want some sort of contrast, be it value or pattern)

My fabric pull for this block. A light, medium and dark.

When giving cutting measurements, I am always slightly generous. I prefer to give myself a little wiggle room for sewing and then cut to perfect size after seams are sewn. Also, make sure that whatever length you cut your strips, cut all three strips the same exact length, it will save you some headaches. ;)

I do most of my sewing late at night, and with the terrible lighting here my pics are usually fairly crappy, but be prepared for worse than normal pics this time. Nothing seemed to be in-focus, which of course I didn't know until after I loaded them onto the computer...too late of course. Live and learn.

Ok, let's get started.

From your light fabric (or fabric #1) cut:
     1 - 2" strip that is 19-20" long
     1 - 7.25" square

From your medium fabric( fabric #2) cut:
     1 - 1.75" strip that is 19-20" long
     1 - 4.5" square

From your dark fabric (fabric #3) cut:
     1 - 1.75" strip that is 19-20" long
     1 - 7.25" square

Here's what you should have after everything is cut.

 Unless otherwise noted all seams are sewn with a scant 1/4".

Place your light and dark 7.25" squares right side together and sew around all 4 sides. Basically you'll end up with a closed square.

Take your ruler and make two cuts across the diagonals of the square.

You should end up with 4 HST's when you open them up. Set and press your seams. You will need to trim your HST's down to 4.5" squares after pressing. When they've been trimmed, set your HST units aside.

Next take your 3 strips of fabric and lay them out with the light on the left, the medium in the middle and the dark on the right. First, sew your light and medium strips together, then sew the dark strip to the medium strip. When you're finished, set and press your seams.

Sew your strips sure to line them up at at least one end the best you can.
You only have a little wiggle room for cutting.

Take your strip set and square off one end. Then you need to cut the strip set into 4 pieces that measure 4.5" long. (Depending on what length strips you cut you will have between 1/2" - 1" of extra so measure carefully! ) When they're cut, you should end up with 4.5" squares.

I love this little 4.5" square. Use it all the time!

Lay out your units like the picture below and make sure your HST units and strip units are laid out in the correct orientation....darks should be toward the center for all units.

Now it's just a matter of putting your 9 patch together.... sew your units into rows and then your rows into the final block.


Be sure to set and press all your seams and verify that your block measures 12.5" square. If it're finished!!

It's an easy block that looks more complex than it is. Gotta love that, right?! :)

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