Sunday, March 17, 2013

Google Reader shutting down

Hello peeps! :)

I've heard that Google is giving Google Reader the axe!! *gasp*

I honestly didn't use Google Reader, so this doesn't affect me much, however I know many do so thought I'd post my recommendation for a replacement.

I've used Bloglovin' for a couple of years now and am completely thrilled with it. It's easy to use and easy to set up. For those of you that are moving from Google Reader, I believe there's even an option to copy/port your full reader list all at once making the switch that much easier...I'd have to look into the how part, but if you need help, let me know, I'd be happy to help!

If you use Google Chrome there's even an addon that will alert you when there's a new post to one of the blogs you follow...honestly, that's one of my favorite features!! I'm kinda geeky like that. lol I know at a glance if there's anything new to read or not. There's also an option to categorize the blogs you follow. All in all, it's a great reader and I've been seeing that many have already made the switch and are happy with it.

I know many of you have already found me over on Bloglovin', (Thank you!! :) but if you haven't, in my sidebar over there you'll find my "Follow this blog on Bloglovin'" it and that'll take you to where you need to be. I know many other bloggers are now adding buttons to their blogs as well. We're trying to make it as easy as possible on all of you to keep following the blogs you love! :)

Following a blog that doesn't have a button is also easy. Simply copy/paste or type the url of the blog you want to follow into their search box...Bloglovin' will then find it and you can click follow. Done.

Good luck deciding on a new reader and I hope you'll continue to follow me on whichever one you choose. :)

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